Turned based strategy game based on the mechanics of Shining Force.

So far basic mechanics implement for battle, scaffolding is there for magic, items and attack


Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClv4I207aq9BD5NgRnkUZzA

blog:  https://www.shiningsource.org/forum/?topic=1186.msg9982;topicseen#new

In Progress

Currently working on AI for the enemies, at the moment they just stand there and attack when you're near. Working on having different AI Types which will do different things, such as enemies will will run in all guns blazing, and others which are bit more cautious.

Road Map

  • Complete Enemy AI
  • Implement town and world exploration outside of battles

Known Bugs

  • Player movement a bit janky - will fix later
  • Player movement area flashing tiles needs to be more intelligent. Currently doesn't account for obstacles or enemies blocking the way

Help Wanted

  • Do you want to help make the graphics for this game? Reach out to me!


Development log

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